[Concert Report] May 8 NEWS Quartetto Tour 2016 in Nagoya

"Are there dreams that don’t come true?”

A question that made me book a flight to Nagoya spontaneously after re-watching NEWS’ Live Live Live Concert DVD. It's a line from their Barefoot Cinderella Boy song that made me wonder about dreams. Is it enough to wish for it to come true? Do dreams that don’t come true exist? Of course I want mine to really happen! I want to see NEWS live!
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PS. The penlight was super awesome! Since it was my first time to attend a JE concert, I didn’t know that the penlights can be controlled. There were songs that it will be turned off (without me switching it off) and songs that it will be flashing. For fans familiar with this, feel free to enlighten this naïve fangirl =))

A Letter to Keiichiro Koyama

Dearest Kei-chan,

I saw you up-close during the Neverland tour in Fukuoka. I was really happy that you were at my area during the song Orihime. You were smiling politely at us even though I know that you were having a rough time during this tour. I happily sang the “mou ii kai” part while staring at you. I was waving so much but I couldn’t get your attention >.< hopefully in the future, you’ll notice me! I will definitely think of  you when I play this song. I was also very moved with your performance of Nyanta. Before the song started, You looked above the arena and prayed as if asking Nyanta to guide you and to listen to the message of the song. I can really feel that at that time, you wanted your feelings to reach the heavens. At the end of the performance, you walked forward a little, just before the middle stage, and bowed. I was left full of mixed emotions. It was an honour to witness this epic moment of you.

After a year, I had an opportunity to see you again during the Epcotia Shizuoka performance. It was a relief to see you so happy and having a good time. I even visited your ramen shop just to say hello to Mrs. Koyama. Hopefully, I’ll be able to visit again during my next stay in Japan.

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[Re-upload] Shounen Club Premium Featuring Tegoshi Yuya and Yayayah Tegoshi Dokiri

So I'm feeling a bit generous today. That is why I've  re-uploaded some Tegoshi related videos that were subbed by newshfan (credits to her!)

Shounen Club Premium Featuring Tegoshi Yuya


Yayayah Tegosho Dokiri


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